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I want to ask you for advice.

Hello. You are awesome!
My name is Sasha and I am from Belarus.
This is my first time at the fiverr. I would like to become someone’s protégé and receive help and support in the affairs of the faver at first.
Can someone give me some advice regarding my gigs? I accept any constructive criticism.
Or maybe someone wants to help and share orders by advising me.
I will be glad to any advice.

My suggestions:
Your “create a flat vector illustration for website or product” gig doesn’t have an English description. I think all gigs are supposed to have an English description but it could include another language version of the text as well as the English one.

If you made all 3 of the main gig images around 1.619:1 aspect ratio there’d be less cropping of them when shown on the profile.

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