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I want to be a good frelancer

I am very good in typing and fluently reading English.I know MS Word, Excell ,Powerpoint.I am a hard worker.I want to do something and be something .please can any one help me?.
Thanks in advance.


@lipiakter623 Welcome! You are on a platform of opportunity and skilled people. Great marketplace to sell your skill and knowledge. And do something as you said…

Thanks digitalavinash.Can u please suggest me or guide me ?

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You could do a gig like data entry. Or maybe a gig where Excel calculations need doing/fixing if you’re good at that.

You could do something like proofreading, editing and rewriting on MS word.

yes i can mahiee123.But how?

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I want to get buyer but how?

Check this out: How to get any orders at all ... and get more once you have a few


Yeah, I’ll second that. If you’re struggling to get your first sale, check out the Buyer Requests section. That’s where I got a lot of my business when I started.

I don’t want to undervalue anybody but MS Office is the Basic, at least in my country. It is taught in middle school. You need to learn how to turn your skills into earnings. The programs you are going to use are simply tools.
You can make the difference and you should find out what strategy to build. Asking others to help you with choosing what services to sell is basically asking other to build your strategy instead of their own.

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Thank you for your response

Fiverr is the right place…Good luck

I absolutely second this person’s opinon @lipiakter623 . I am not being a demotivator at all but first of all the skills you mentioned are pretty much taught from toddler age even in a small developing country forget about developed countries like USA. Since most of the business comes from USA and UK on Fiverr the competition is pretty high on Fiverr. People will offer everything you offer and so much more for lesser price and they are also hardworking. It’s a hard pill to swallow but I am just telling you the harsh truth buddy that you can definitely do great things on Fiverr but not with those skills you will have to do many new things to upskill yourself or learn many new things apart from your existing skills.