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I want to be a top rated seller but HOW?


Hi everyone ! I am Leena. I offer photoshop and flyer distribution services on fiverr.

I want to be a TRS but how ? I am on level 2 since 3-4 months. Have 100% positive ratings. What should I do to get my gigs featured and to be a TRS ??


As per stated in LEVELS page: Fiverr Editors choose manually to make some one TRS.

There are many factors to keep in mind to become a TRS. Like as: RATING, VOLUME OF SALES, Never break any rules of fiverr TOS etc.

As for Featured GIGs. I guess you need more sales.

I see other featured GIGs, all those gigs have minimum have 100+ sales

So i assume to get Featured GIG, volume of sales must be high in 3 figures. (its only my view, what i noticed)

Customer Support, they will give you better answer.

And i wish you BEST OF LUCK :slight_smile:


Thanks :slight_smile:


Reply to @leenagig: You are most welcome :slight_smile:


You should ask top rates seller dear?


You’re going to need to make WAY more sales. You don’t even have 100 yet. TRS have hundreds, sometimes even thousands of sales. Keep up the selling and you’ll get there!


Reply to @cassysailermoon:

I had a gig having 300+ positive reviews.

That gog suspended when new fiverrv2 arrived.


Been trying to crack the TRS ceiling myself. At least level 2 happened automatically… I truly noticed an increase in orders the day that happened :slight_smile:


Reply to @leenagig: Why’d it get suspended?


that was an email address gig which got suspended when fiverr’s policy changed.


Keep gigging! Be consistent, be original. Try to offer a phenomenal experience, give your customers more attention & more bang for their buck(s). Your customer service needs to be top notch. If you go above and beyond, the fiverr team will take notice. I think I had something around 500 sales. Negative feedback is the biggest detriment. You need to keep your negative feedback either nonexistent or to a very minute minimum. If you have a large amount of sales, great feedback, & no neg feedback for a long time you’ll eventually level up again.


Reply to @freestyldesign: Thanks for your advice:)