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I want to be out of office

Hello, I need candid advice. i want to be out of office for three weeks to attend to some issues. Can someone brief me about the effects on my gig or account generally when i am back? Hope it wont be like a dormant account when I am back? Thanks. Daviesink.

Your account will be as you left it. Your Gig rankings, however, may fluctuate. It’s impossible to say how much.

Just use the Out of Office option. You can set your return date and a message, and your gigs will be paused. If possible, answer any incoming message as I don’t know if they can lower your response rate (I use usually Out of Office option when I get overbooked, but I answer every incoming message promptly, so I don’t know what happens if you don’t answer them). When I use it and I get back online, my gigs appear again after several minutes. You may experience a drop in gig ranking, but it is not confirmed.

Thanks for your candid response.

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According to Fiverr, response rate isn’t affected unless you check the “Allow new buyers to contact me” checkbox.

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Nice to know, thank you!. Never had to really get “out of the office” as I use it for queue control (overbooked option), not for leavings/holidays, so I am really “online” (though hidden :slight_smile: )

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Thanks @juanwriter, I thought i wont be able to receive order when i am back since my account will be dormant for long?

You will have it working normally, don’t worry. What I don’t know, as said, if your gigs rankings will drop, and if they do, how much. My experience is that they do not, but I rarely go Out of Office for more than 3-5 days.

please, is it needed to send personal message to my clients, those who have ordered before?

No, they will see when they visit your profile.