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I want to be your coach

I will be your nutrition coach. I offer great support and I can help you reach your results.
Here is my gig:


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Hi, I was looking for a nutrition coach a while back. One service I do not find is online nutrition coaching services. You could give clients an online experience where you chat to them live, help them with their nutrition needs.

Just a suggestion as no one seems to be doing that! I was previously looking for that service. I do online teaching so you can view my gig and see how I work.



This is a great idea! Love it!!!

Good luck in everything you do!

Thank you! This is great advice! Really appreciate it!

Have a great week!


hi, i couldn’t help but notice your premium gig is effectively twice as much as your basic. so it’s $5 for 2 weeks and $40 for 8, but $5x4=$20, and same with the slandered. do you get something more with those?

yes, you get 2 extra re-evaluations. This is because during the 8 weeks time frame, there are in total 2 more re-evaluation of the client’s diet.
A re-evaluation means that there will be a separate call / discussion to evaluate all the progress and asses what changes we’ll be doing next.

Thank you for asking and replying!

@carlam1 best wishes for you

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thank you very much!

Best wishes for you too! :slight_smile:

Np :grin:
Same to you

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