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I want to become a Pro seller

how can i become a pro seller kindly advice, i have done several orders and i would love to get more orders on pro seller.


@cpakweldon You can read article about seller on

This page is about Fiverr Pro and there’s an “Apply to Pro” button on it:

In addition to what others have said, it looks like Fiverr is not looking for more Pro sellers at the moment. Also, being a Pro seller doesn’t guarantee more sales, or any sales at all.


You can’t get a pro with the gigs you currently have, some of them are against the ToS. You should change them before even trying to apply for pro.


Thanks for that i will check on it

I’d take out the word “essays” from any gigs that have it (in case Fiverr thinks it’s academic work which would be against the TOS). Also there are no Pro verified gigs with “data entry” in the title.

Though someone (first?) said that in March this year and there’s a Fiverr Pro who only started in April this year so it might still be open, at least for some categories. And if it’s not, Fiverr can at least keep the application until they are looking for more Pro sellers. I think Fiverr CS has said sometimes they’re not looking for it at that point for the category/categories applied for but they’d keep the application in their records (eg. for when they are).

There is a saying, don’t run before you can walk.

You have two reviews. Two.

One of your gigs offers essay writing and therefore breaches Fiverr’s terms of service.

Now that you’ve drawn attention to your profile it’s more likely that someone will report your ‘illegal’ gig. If that happens, you’re likely to get an account warning.

Pro sellers don’t get account warnings. Pro sellers also understand the TOS.


i have already gotten

You already got an account warning?

And you’re still offering essay writing?

How do you expect to do anything on Fiverr if you keep breaking the rules?


What about TRS? :crown: Have you thought about that one?