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I want to become a rising talent!

How can I become a rising talent? Any tips, suggestions?
I need help!!!

Please check my gigs:)


Your last delivery was seven months ago. If you want to be a rising talent on Fiverr, you’re going to have to start delivering more orders. And to deliver more orders, you need to connect with the people who need the services that you offer. This will likely require marketing, advertising, and a creative exposure strategy. No one can make you successful just by taking a look at your seven gigs.

You’ve got gigs, now reach out to the people who need them.


Rising Talent is awarded only by Fiverr staff. It cannot be earned through metrics.


Almost a year ago, I received a Rising Talent badge. It really helped me find a job. When the week ended, the icon disappeared. Since then I have never had an offer.
Anyway, thanks for your advice! I am going to show my concerts on social networks.

Thanks for your information!

I like your gigs @jonbaas