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I want to build a productive team for multiple blog sites. (It is a startup plan from scratch)

would some one like to suggest me it’s fundamental requirements? How many members we need, to obtain our targeted results. Please help me to meet with my desire.

Thanks you,
Amir Aziz


Its depend upon your team. At first what type of blog do you want to have? Then you need at least three type of persons like content writter, seo, graphics designer. Web designer is not mendetory because it is one time development needed for you website. So if your team have two or three content writters then it will be better for team productivity.


Thank you Kamruzzaman, for this kind information. I’ve selected three topics at startup, health, parenting, and automotive. I am targeting 100 unique visitors within 3 months of time on each blog.


How many team members accepted you।

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Then before publishing content please write at least 10 articles regarding that’s three topics with seo friendly keywords. After that you should publish content.


Highly appreciated!

what would be the best steps if I aim to reach my target of 100 unique visitors in a day. I mean daily work task for our team.

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Marketing is the best policy. You can terget facebook paid marketing, Instagram, twitter, youtube video marketing.


Well, first of all, you need to have goals that define your targeted results. What goals do you have? What results are you trying achieve? Perhaps, if you can express these, we can help you determine how to “build a team” to manage them.

Do you know who these visitors will be? Where are they located? How do you want them to find you?


I disagree, every writer’s work should be proofread.

(No, I am not volunteering.) However, I proofread many types of writing. I have never found error free writing yet.If you want to look professional, your articles should be error free.

Are you trying to form a studio type team? Do you have a plan for how you are going to organize that?


Thank you!

obviously they would be doctors and Patient, and we can use social media and other channels.

no doubt, proof reader is also necessary as a team member. But webkamruzzaman tried his best to help me. may be he missed it but the rest all are valid information. I thankful to all of you.

In fact this could be a better solution. I want a long term relation with my team.

What is your actual goal? Getting 100 visitors a day seems like an odd goal.
Do you want adsense money, them to buy things on the blog? Affiliate links? To boast about having 100 visitors per day?
Your actual end goal is an important thing to know.


Thank you for your reply, My goals are my traffic I want 100 unique visitors daily after 3 months, 500 unique visitor daily after 6 months and up to 3000 unique visitors after 12 months by providing health related, parenting and automotive health care related contents. My concern is with my traffic. How many team members can make it done.

But why do you want traffic?
The reason I am asking is that it is better to get one visitor that does what you want them to do - buy, read all your articles, become a client - than 3000 who have no interest in your blog or business.


adsense and affiliate links.

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Why will people come to your blog? What is going to be good about it?


my team will earn from me, because they will have regular task to do something for my blogs

For visitors, why would they be interested in it?


What if I post a buyer request for content writing. they will just write it for me and can take their revenue. same as well for other things. But I am looking for those individuals who can work with me like a team. And as I told in my title, I want it from scratch, I want this knowledge to estimate my cost and I am so happy with all the participants. specially @webkamruzzaman