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I want to buy a tweet but

I cannot find a single offer that reveals their twitter handle in the offer.

Why is that? Do they have fake followers?

If I want to sell ads on my website, I would naturally give its link to potential advertisers for review.

Moreover, the positive reviews on these offers seem to use the same language and the experience seems to be outstanding and too good to be real. But the negative reviews are totally opposite.


Can anyone help me find the good offers for advertising on twitter?

It’s $5, dude.

Yes It’s ok to waste $5 on fake service.

It’s your money, go wild.

The reason is that sellers are not allowed to show any method of communicating outside of Fiverr, a Twitter handle is such a method.
Unfortunately you cannot see the product before you buy in this case. However, if you order and the seller does not deliver what they said they would then you can request a cancellation and/or contact customer support as required.
When they deliver the gig, just search Twitter for the text or hashtag you sent them, you can then check if their credentials were true.

Users are forbidden to reveal their personal contact information, Twitter handle included. Those who break the rules get banned from Fiverr.

You know, I’m genuinely interested in how people think this whole buying twitter and facebook friends thing works. I mean, if someone buys a tweet (or some twitter followers or whatever) do they seriously expect these followers to be real people who will think “oh golly, I’m definitely going to follow this person and tweet about them for the rest of my life, what an incredible business!”

I mean, for $5 or even $50, do people really expect to have really enthusiastic new friends follow, tag and tweet about them and recommend their other friends to do so? Also, I don’t care about how many reviews a person has or how their service guarantees 100% real users and traffic. I just want to know, is this what people actually think they are buying?

They’ve probably read somewhere that they need ‘organic followers’ or whatever, and they think they can buy that. I doubt they think too much (or at all) about what ‘organic followers’ are.

Their thinking is: “if you look like you have, you will get”… So they buy lots of Facebook likes and Twitter followers to look like more than they really are.