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I want to buy human traffic and want to make sure that it really works

Hello guys,
I have decided to buy some human traffic for one of my site. and I can generate auto traffic by some tools which will show traffic from various locations,mediums, social platforms and much more.

So my question is : The guys who are selling traffic, do they really sends human traffic? Or just generates auto traffic?
Is there anyone who got the benefit of buying traffic from any fiverr seller? or just they shown the traffic to an analytic page and the website has 0 response on signup/sell etc?

If anyone knows Please suggest me with your answer, I’ll be really thankul to you.


Instead of buying traffic from shady sellers, why not try to generate traffic through regular means? That’s the best way to establish a trustworthy online business. It’s hard to know whether the traffic these people provide is legit or not, but I guess it depends on the price. Still, organic traffic is the rigth approach. Buying traffic, followers or anything like that won’t help that much, if at all.


Thanks! For your suggestion, but will it be safe if I take traffic through a tool?

It’s your risk. Bot traffic doesn’t offer any value.


And how would fake traffic help your business?


“Human traffic” is a very poor phrase to use…bit too close to “human trafficking.”

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What benefit do you mean?

If it´s just blind nonsense pagehits or views, there would be definitely a lot of Buyers that are happy and make 5star reviews for that service. Foolish buyers buying fake engagement from Sellers work well on Fiverr.

Should you want to get real engagement, focus on everything else but not Fiverr.

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