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I want to cancel a order but its over 5 days


i want to cancel a order but its over 5 days ,order also completed .
One of buyer cheated with me , i delivered perfect design , but he gave me bad review , and now when i try to text him, he did not response .


move on and do better next time. He isn’t under any obligation to respond, the order is completed.


any way to cancel or remove feedback ?


Removing feedback isn’t allowed anymore. You have to embrace it - and if it was left by mistake, or with malicious intent (assuming you have proof), then you can contact Customer Support to try and help you.


i understood ,but how can i proof ?
cause he wanted a website design , and i did that perfectly with modification too ,but after delivered file .
he suddenly told me ,he did not want that ,and he did not like my design… but i gave him 100% thing that he wanted …
but nothing to do from my corner, everything is depend on buyer …
we seller … always facing this kind of problem ,cause all of buyer not same and not good too


he says you didn’t follow his order. Screenshots would prove if that is the case or not. If you did, then send them in. If they show that he wanted “tomatos” and you sent “bananas” then he’s in the right.


@uncarved, you said well quoting “tomatos” instead of “bananas”, LOL.



I think, you can not cancel order after 5 day. next time if you want to cancel any order you will cancel order before 3 day



from where I can remove my bad feedback if any one give like this>



Like I said earlier, removing feedback is not allowed anymore. You can’t remove feedback.

You can only request the buyer to change their feedback, but many buyers won’t like to do that.


I’m not sure if you can do it five days later but you can try the resolution button and ask if you can have the review removed if you improve it to how he wants it. You can ask one time this way.

As I say, you may have to do this within 3 days. I’ve never tried it.


hi misscrystal!

did you face like this situation any time.



No I never did. But I read the forum a lot and this is a possible solution.


right woofy31,i agree with you