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I want to cancel an order but the buyer doesn't?

What happens when you take on a large job, then once you get deeper into it, the buyer starts messing you around and is asking for the world?

I’ve got to the stage now where I had to say the following:

The schedule required for this project is outside what we feel we can provide to make your project come to life. I’d be remiss in going forth without being able to provide the best possible experience. The time frame needed for this build Is holding up a lot of our other gigs and we’re needing to refuse new work. It has been over a week since the order was placed, and we are still to finalise a logo. I think we have a lot of conflict when it comes to design and I think that conflict will have a negative impact on the store build.

Instead, I recommend you talk to this Fiverr seller ***************.

All that said, don’t hesitate to keep in touch. Your project has a lot of merit, and sounds like it will be real winner with the right team behind it. I’m looking forward to hearing about your eventual launch!

Kind Regards,

The customer response was:

I cannot accept the reasons that you’ve provided to end this project / contract. It’s a matter of contractual agreement where you can’t simply choose to exit when the same conditions/requirements have turned unfavorable with time

So, what do I do now? I really can’t continue with the project and I know I’m going to take a hit on my ratings. But if I go to cancel the order and she refuses, what happens?

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Hi @declanmaltman1

First, please withdraw the link to the seller’s gig :wink:

Regarding your question, if your buyer doesn’t agree on cancelling the order, contact CS asking them to cancel it for you.


You do not have any contractual obligations with this client. This is the risk (to buyers) when choosing to hire remote workers to complete projects on what are essentially anonymous freelance platforms.

You mention design conflicts and logo problems. Are these due to your buyer asking for several revisions on each step of a project? If so, it is a wise decision to try and exit an order. Also, your cancellation request is very nicely worded.

I would recommend taking this straight to CS. Screenshot your message and tell them why it is simply not possible for you to continue with this order. Then ask that they cancel it. Alternatively, you could offer to extend the time on your current order. Personally, though, when buyers become as agitated as yours, despite efforts to explain the situation, I run a mile.


This is one of those rare instances where I have to side with the buyer. It honestly feels like this was your fault. You shouldn’t have accepted the order if you weren’t certain you can deliver.

This is the worst possible way to cancel an order. If you’ve already delivered what was intended then you really don’t need to keep making changes. Just tell them you won’t offer any more revisions and let the rest play out on its own. I’m sorry but this overall is on you, not the buyer.

Just a heads up, there is no guarantee that support will cancel the order either since this does look like something they’d encourage both parties to figure out on their own.

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But it will cancel automatically after 3-days anyway if the seller doesn’t deliver.

I wouldn’t be so quick to assume this is all the sellers fault. I’ve been in exactly the same position with buyers who literally have a design vision which I can’t cater for. This leads to delays and the gnawing realization that you simply can’t deliver what the buyer is looking for. In this case, it is actually fairer on the buyer to be upfront. If not, they are going to end up going away feeling cheated.

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A buyer is foolish to refuse to cancel when they get a message like this. They should be grateful to get a refund without any problems for what would be a bad job probably based on what the seller said.

I’ve never understood the thought process when a buyer tries to force a seller to do a job against their will.


The situation he is in right now is his fault. Why on earth would you tell someone that you’re too busy to work on his order since you need to work on other orders. There were a 100 better ways he could’ve put it.

From what I can tell, OP has already delivered and modified the order multiple times. He should’ve put a stop to this sooner rather than asking for a cancellation. The real issue right now is whether support will cancel the order or not. I’ve been in a similar position and all I got from support was to figure it out on your own.

This is a red flag to a buyer to get your money back and put this mess behind you.

The seller is politely saying that the buyer is being too demanding and too much of a pain to try to please to continue trying to help.

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This statement shows what kind of buyer this is. It’s entitled, demanding and shows a complete lack of any type of good will. It would only make sense if you were doing a home remodeling project where you did half the job and were walking away, leaving a disaster behind for the homeowner to cope with.

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Whoa! Down, donkey! I’m sorry but the case is not just that the seller has said they are too busy. They have clearly stated that they would be remiss continuing with this order, as they do not feel that they can deliver on the kind of quality product which their buyer is looking for.

I will agree that it was a bit of a faux pas to say that the seller has other orders which are now being delayed. However, overall, all I get from the OP’s message is clear, upfront honesty. That kind of thing still means a lot to some people.

Fair enough, but it still annoys me when sellers cancel order when they’ve clearly put in so much work into it already.

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The buyer placed the order with me after briefly explaining what was needing done. A job which should have taken us no more than a week, would now take over 4 weeks to completed the way she wants it done. It doesn’t make sense financially for us to continue with it and neither me or the seller see eye to eye with any of the designs I’m bringing forward.


OP offers unlimited revisions for logo design, so the buyer can keep asking for changes forever.


A seller can cancel the job anytime they want to.
This is clearly mentioned in fiverr terms of services

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Has nobody ever considered that the buyer has been involved in an order for a week now and is facing having to go back to square one again?
I sincerely doubt anyone here would actually be happy to just accept a refund and start again after a week of involvement. Thankfully I haven’t been in the buyer’s position before but I can imagine how frustrating it would have been for some of my projects to have gone like this.

The unlimited revisions idea is ridiculous for exactly this reason - buyer has no need to be specific as they can change it as much and often as they like and the seller’s whole business gets screwed up as a result (result of unlimited revisions, not the buyer using the selling point chosen by the seller).

Frankly, and I consider myself a reasonable enough buyer, I would be extremely likely to report a seller that would do this.


Yes it’s bad for the buyer, but the seller clearly is not up to the task of creating something the buyer will like. However if they said unlimited revisions they should honor that and keep going indefinitely. After all it’s what they offered to do in the gig. I think you are probably right about reporting them, although I would still be happy to get a refund and move on after this failed effort, and the discouraging message.

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So it doesn’t matter that the seller has been working on this gig and presenting draft designs to their client? (i.e. They haven’t been waiting for a week, they’ve been working.) And it also doesn’t matter that during this time, the seller has identified a significant disparity between what their client wants and what they can reasonably deliver?

I don’t know whether or not @declanmaltman1 does offer unlimited revisions. I do know that this is a likely a Shopify website design, not a standalone logo design. I am also aware that there are 100’s of sellers on Fiverr who would take the buyers money and run, regardless of whether their client is eventually satisfied or not.

In the real world, things like this happen. @declanmaltman1 could have easily lied and said they were sick or had a family emergency to attend to. He didn’t. He was honest about the problem and clearly stated that he does not feel like he can deliver on the project in question. I do not feel that it is appropriate to flag someone for this.

If anything, all that this thread shows is how dangerous it can be for sellers to level criticism on others when really, they know nothing about the gig niche in question; nor what problems sellers might face dealing with clients in certain gig contexts.

Sometimes things go wrong. It’s not a crime.


Thanks for all the help guys. We’ve decided to just bite the bullet and follow through with it.


Absolutely agree with most of what you said but the message I took from what is written by the seller is that “This isn’t worth my time any more” which may or may not be the buyer’s fault, may be due to an underestimation by the seller or a combination of these.
Regardless of the cause, the buyer is likely to feel hard done by here and I can understand why.

To be honest, I hesitated to write that I might report the seller in a situation like this because I like @declanmaltman1 and believe he does good work and I am aware that any kind of hint about reporting someone usually goes down like a sack of cement here. However, it is an honest opinion and I feel that expressing that highlights the points I made regarding this situation.

I cancelled a marketing consultation order yesterday, 2 days into a 3 day order and having been researching it for a number of hours. The reason was that I realized it was a scammy/misleading company that I didn’t want to work with. I told them that I could not work with them for personal reasons (didn’t say the personal reasons were my own ethics). That buyer might report me for that, I don’t know. However, they didn’t get insulted or a hint that it wasn’t worth my while so I doubt it.