I want to cancel but


i am saying i want to cancel but the seller is spamming or delivering what i dont need. he simply ignores me. i feel so terrible now. i tried RESOLUTION CENTER. it doesn’t work. how do i do?


why must i get those logos even if i want to cancel? i did cancel gigs many times. everyone was kind and everyone did what i wanted but this person..


Please remember that calling out names of other sellers/buyers is not allowed on forum, probably your image will be deleted by a Sheriff.

If you want to cancel your order because seller is not providing what you asked, write Customer Support and wait for their answer (it can take a while); I’d like you to remember that cancelling an order just for personal taste is not allowed… I mean, if you ask “draw me a red car” and your seller delivers an image with a red car, he did his job fullfilling your requests. Naturally this is a basic example, but you can find many other detailed posts here on forum describing this.


Reply to @madmoo: can you quickly find the part of the TOS (or forum posts) where its written what I tried to tell the user? I know I have read it many times, but don’t remember where :frowning:


Reply to @kjblynx: yes, that one!! (clapping my hands)


i have said i want to cancel. it never happened before. even he said he wants to cancel. he delivers again even if i dont want. he keeps doing it and he never listen to me. i feel like being insulted. please how do i cancel it?


Reply to @madmoo: They dont answer me. this is most weird situation i have ever met. i have used fiverr many months. i have used fiverr many months. i have ever accepted a gig i hate. i always cancelled it. he is harassing me on purpose.