I want to cancel my order and I'm not getting! Seller does not cooperate


Nonsense I have to depend on the supplier cancel … I want to cancel for work found him bad. Do you think the guy will like? Is winding me. But in fact the Fiverr who should give more value to customers.

I want to cancel my order and I’m not getting! Seller does not cooperate.


If you request a cancellation on an order and the seller does not respond, it is automatically cancelled after 2 days - and in this case the seller also gets a negative rating.

And secondly, cancelling for work that you simply don’t like isn’t very nice - the seller put in the time and effort to work on your order so please think twice about the cancellation. It’s always best to read the seller’s reviews and look at their portfolio before ordering so that you know what kind of work you will get from them.

If you’re still unhappy you can always get in touch with Customer Support to resolve the issue.


Reply to @doubleu: good point!!!


i got the same problem with a seller, its now more that 5 days the order is not cancel… i got notification that it will be cancel unless the seller decline in 2 days, when i verified after 2 days the notification says that it will be cancel in 14 hours… when i verified after 14 hours, it says it will be cancel in 1 days… What the problem???


Reply to @adelxxx:

Contact customer support on this issue as it may be bugged for you unfortunately.