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I want to cancel my order - What should I do?



I’m newbie. I’ve just joined and I’m having some troubles because I don’t understand something about fiverr’s rules. Now, I want to cancel my order and what should I do? Help me, please.


if you want to cancel order,

go to

order page–> resolution center

that is where you will see the cancel button


Reply to @spotslightseo: Thank you very much :slight_smile:


I do not have a cancel button. I ordered two gigs from a seller and only received one. I have tried twice to contact the seller and no response. I want to cancel the gig that I did not receive. There is no button when I go to resolution. I want to cancel. I understand that sometimes things will happen but to make it so hard to get my money back is unfair.

Cheryl [-(


@shenave , was the order marked as complete or? Did he deliver?

If he didn’t deliver and time went out - go to the end of the order, look for a cancel button.

If he delivered and you didn’t ask for modification or so , and it got completed - contact Customer Support.