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I want to cancel the order but buyer insists on working with me

A buyer placed an order and I delivered according to their instructions. They now want something entirely different and keep talking out of scope and expect way too much for the price. At this point, their communication also throws me off and I want to cancel the order. Now they say they want to pay me more to make changes since they dont want to find another seller. Even if they’re offering more money, I dont feel like working with them because I feel their expectations keep rising. Dealing with this seller has become a hassle. What should I do since they’re rejecting the cancellation?


Seems like they are trying to rob you. You should cancel


I do want to cancel, but the buyer wont accept the cancellation request


You can ask for help from customer support in that case. They’ll definitely help you out.


I may be wrong as I have never had to do it, but it is my belief that customer support will cancel it for you if you make a request to CS instead. The buyer cannot force you to do more than was within the scope of your order agreement and it’s my understanding that you feel you have delivered what they asked for in the first instance, and you’d rather forego payment for the job than persist with an unreasonable buyer.

Write to CS and politely ask if they can please effect a cancellation of this as you have delivered what the buyer ordered but they are unreasonably requesting more work and that you are uncomfortable to deliver this as it’s outwith the scope.


This is similar to what happened to me and refusing to work with that client caused the client to report to Fiverr and Fiverr subsequently put a limitation on my withdrawal.

I know it sounds insane but yep… it’s been more than a month of complaining to Fiverr about this and they still have not enabled the withdrawal.

I think Fiverr has a new rule “The seller is a slave who must do what the buyer wants or we will punish the buyer”

All I’ll say is good luck to you, whatever choice you make


If the buyer keeps rejecting your cancellation request, contact CS, but CS cannot make a buyer accept a cancellation but nor can CS make a seller agree to continue working with a buyer.

This might turn into a ping pong match of repeatedly sending cancellation requests as soon as they are rejected.

-Be sure to thoroughly document and describe why you do not want to continue working with the buyer to CS (like proof of excessive scope, off-putting communication, etc.).