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I want to cancel the order but buyer threatening to give negative review

I have worked with this buyer earlier and buyer had ordered 45$ premium package to vectorize logo in 4hrs.
It was a smooth transaction.

This time the buyer ordered starter package without informing and expects to get the file delivered in 4hrs.

So I was ready to deliver the file but after almost finishing the file, the buyer threatened that if you don’t deliver in 5 mins I will have to cancel the order.

So I told him since you ordering starter package and expecting premium services is isn’t right. So it’s better to cancel the order. So now the buyer is not ready to cancel the order.

Buyer is saying…hahaha wait for my review.
Which clearly says that he will leave a negative review once I deliver the file.

But I am not interested in working with this buyer. Please guide me.

Can the sellers not cancel the order if they are not interested in working with that buyer ?


Report to Fiverr against the buyer with proper evidence. Like screenshot. how the buyer threading you.

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Then simply contact customer service. I suggest sending a screenshot of the buyer profile to Ensure sellers are careful around him AND you can ALSO review the buyer with a Low rating which prevents other sellers from accepting his orders! I hate buyers like this man and I feel bad for you I would definitely help if I had the power. It’s really sad that this happens a lot…

Did you actually try to send him a cancellation request?


It might affect the guys rating and he clearly said the buyer does not want to cancel

Yes I actually sent the cancellation request. But he declined twice.

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Never deliver. If you never deliver, he can’t leave a review. Keep sending cancel requests.

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In such cases the fiverr CS generally asks to settle with the buyer…they don’t help. I will contact them if the buyer cancels again.

Yep it will, which is also kind of will be fair.
Yes, the guy ordered wrong package but did he use his communication skills to resolve it? Did he offer him to send a custom offer for fast delivery when the buyer placed an order? No it looks like he didn’t, he for himself decided to do the work in 4 hours without informing his buyer and changed his mind when things went south.

I do hate when cancellations affect our rating however he decided to cancel an order (even if buyer doesn’t want to) instead of working on his communication skills and solving that issue. (Which is of course not a nice situation to be in but we all have to go through that).

There are cancellations that are fair to be reflected in our ratio and of course there are situations where it should affect the rating. I’m sure even fiverr CS will not be able to guarantee that it wouldn’t affect his rating because his client still want to receive his files and keep working on it.
(But blackmailing is a different story here)

It doesn’t mean that he actually sent a request :wink: I know a lot of new sellers asking clients to send cancellations because they think it will affect them less. I’m not going to guess the situation, that’s why I’m clarifying everything I need to have a full picture.

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I don’t think I am allowed to tag the buyer or send the screenshot of the buyer in forum. I am pretty new to the forum rulers.
I am just afraid that he doesn’t repeat the same with multiple fiverr accounts.

The buyer placed the order when I was asleep.
The buyer waited for 4hrs.
Since the buyer was a repeating client I didn’t want to communicate about the package difference since he said he will tip me if I deliver now. So I told him that I just woke up and I will be delivering in next 20mins. Then he said that I will have to cancel the order if you don’t deliver in 5 mins.

And I was very close. Almost ready to submit the file. But such cancellation comments pissed me off because I am human. And inspite of the starter package I was ready to deliver in few minutes which he should have been grateful. Hence I decided to not give him the file and cancel the order.

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Alt accounts are bannable in fiverr…

How will I understand it’s his account ? He will just leave negative review and go. How will I identify him ?

the buyer didn’t want to cancel because his ego got hurt when I said it’s better to cancel the order since you don’t respect my work.
And since the buyer is in fiverr from 2015…clearly knows the loopholes of fiverr.
And everyone in the forum is also aware of how awesome service the sellers get from customer support of fiverr.
Which encourages the buyer to take advantage.