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I want to cancel the order, can buyer give me the Negative review?

Buyer ordered me 12 days ago, i delivered 2 times and he send back two times for revisions and did not contact me. today he told me to change the whole paper in short time, but he paid for to add some parts. I want to cancel the order and don’t deliver the work. Can he give me negative review?


@frank_d Sir Any suggestions please

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If you cancel the order then buyer cannot give you any review. But if you deliver the order and also buyer approve it then he can give you review

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@product_expert9 I delivered the order almost 10 days ago… he sand back for revision… after 10 days he asked me for fast delivery…but i want to cancel …Is there any option to him give negative feed back?

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No, if you cancel then he cannot give you negative feedback.

But cancel a order can decrease your Gig ranking


I don’t have any suggestions, no.

If a new order was placed, ask for a mutual cancellation, explaining in a professional manner why you can’t help them.

Please note that even if they cancel, they will be presented with a new tool that allows them to place a private review of the cancellation process.

It’s a questionnaire about why the order was cancelled and how they feel about it.

So an angry client will definitely leave a negative review there.


Thank you Sir! I will try for mutual cancellation… the task is hanging more than 10 days.

No, if you cancel the order then buyer cannot give you any feedback.

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No Brother
If you cancel the order then buyer can’t give you any feedback.


Thanks @adnanalif and @revolt9123 Vai…pry 11 days jhulai rakhse

Oh, I don’t know that

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@product_expert9 it is New tool. However i successfully cancel that order…but my order completion now fall down from 100%.which makes me sad

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oh, Don’t worry you can make it 100% again. Try to avoid canceling orders in future.

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Buyers have been able to place a private review no one can see (Except Fiverr staff) for a long time. Not sure if that also counted cancelled orders, or if that’s a new feature. But I highly doubt Fiverr has time to go through private reviews, and I’m not sure how reliable it would be if they programmed a bot to go through them, and decrease gig rankings if it gets many angry private reviews.

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Yes , definitely i will try to avoid Order cancellation.

Just curious, why buyer have private review and seller don’t?

Because Fiverr’s operations are based on its seller’s performance and how the conduct themselves.

If Fiverr sees a cancellation, that’s potentially lost revenue (potentially because the money still remains on the platform, it’s just ton cleared).

I also see a lot of sellers cancelling so they won’t take a bad review after they deliver subpar work or start aggravating the customer with unprofessional behavior.

The hidden review system came to play because Fiverr realized that sellers were gaming the system.

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If he report about you to the fiverr then maybe it causes a great effect to your account.
Although the chances of reporting is less.

Many seller do game the system, that I agree. In the same time, don’t many buyer also do the same? Or, is it like that “Buyer is always right”?

Yes, buyer makes money for Fiverr. How much that is? And, how much Fiverr get from the seller? Why omitting that part totally? If there is no buyer, definitely there will be no business. Same way, if there is no seller, buyer will be of no use.

For me, till now, all my rating is 5 star. So, my comment is not for me, but from a general standpoint. Don’t take it otherwise. We “Seller” joined Fiverr to do business, just like the “Buyer”.


Fiverr’s system is not perfect.

Much like any other system designed by humans, there are flaws.

I think that if you try to feel that you are treated fairly, is a sure-fire way to feel bad about things you can’t control.

Nothing is fair. Is it your fault there are hundreds of sellers on here that scam buyers?

No. Can you do anything about it? No.

Fiverr’s system was not designed to be fair. It’s designed and it evolves in a way that counters all shortcomings from users.

I don’t understand why you mention your ratings on your reply, as it is irrelevant.