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I want to change my 4 star review


I have created in order for the buyer awesomely but the buyer is new and he give me 4star review with any negotiation with me or requesting for modification I do not understand why he places a 4star review it decrease my business and my profile now I want to change my review can any body please tell me how to improve that review thank you so much you all off


Buyers are entitled to leave whatever review they feel is right.

You can ask the buyer to modify their review by using the resolution centre on the order page.


I wanted to do this my first time but isn’t possible unless your buyer change.
You may politely request your buyer and create short video or send some screenshot for your buyer, How to change review tutorial. I think some buyer don’t know how to change review.
So best way contact your buyer and request, send video or screenshot if need. offer something more.
Remember don’t request more and more. Many request would be harmful for your account.


That can be seen as bribing the buyer to get a better rating, and that’s not allowed.


well , as i can see you are pretty new seller here! it feels bad at the beginning to get a 4 stars, but you need to accept and will get used to on that too when you will start working on lots of design!
and going to resulation center always changing the review is not very good , as fiverr says its limited! 4 star is bad then 5 star, but far better then 3… so you can save those chance of resulation center to changing worst review of 2 star/ 3 star!

you might thinking now. you are very good at your work, and will never get 2/3 stars, but trust me, you will face always some buyers in long run, they come after 2 weeks after you deliver work, dont ask for modification just leave a 2 star!

I would always suggest using resulation center in these kind of case! so better to save it for bad time!
my personal opinion


Hmm, I didn’t know this important fact. I would think that I am able to resolve all the low rating review in deliver.
Thanks a lot


Well, Only buyers got chance to change your stars, after delivering the work always ask the buyer to give you 5 stars or 4 stars and don’t be shy to ask about your feedback! :slight_smile: goodluck.


It’s against ToS to ask for 5 star reviews - please don’t do this, or encourage others to do the same. :slightly_smiling_face:


Thank you so much very help full answer GOD bless you


How can a buyer change their review?


If a seller send a request by resolution option then buyers get an option to change their given review.


Customer satisfaction should be your main Goal.May be he is little bit disappointed .Don’t worry carry on.If you can provide some best service in next then there will be no problem


exactly but there is no unsatisfaction scene I think but the buyer is new and he give me 4star review every thing happened unintentionally its seem like


Thank you. My buyer gave me a great review, but accidentally failed to gibe me five stars. He wants to change it. Thank you for your answer.


If you work hard with professionalism, definitely buyer give 5 star review. I am new here on divert, but within a week I got two orders and they were so happy with my work that that both left tip for me.
Don’t be worry about this one, you got 4 star,it is far better than 3star. So, concentrate on future and hope the best.