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I want to Change My Fiverr Phone Number But i don't Rember

Hello forum friend.

when i created my fiverr account i used a virtual number just for the sake of verification. but now fiverr want me to ID verification when i click on it. need text link to upload my identity card.
i want to change my number but i have to remember old number that one i forgot.

So i want to change number but without using old number.

is there any way to get link to update number ? or upload your ID cards ?

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Yes there is a method to change the number without inputting the old one, the method is called :closing your account and opening a new one without using fake numbers: other than that you can try and contact CS to here what they will advise you to do… remember “it’s the same boiling water that softens the potato and hardens the egg. it’s not the circumstances, it’s what you are made of”


i think 1 chance fiverr should allowed

i just created for dummy purpose but i got 4-6 client from my group

what about my money in 200+$ that i earn from my group member by giving them a Services

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For honest mistakes. This does not seem your case.

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