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I want to change my job sector on fiverr

For now I am working on Video Editing category and it’s doing pretty well. But I want to start working on Web Design for full time. Should I create a new gig or create a new account for the new job?

I want the best possible outcome from my new category that’s why i don’t want to sacrifice any single impression.


It’s against the Fiverr Terms of service to have multiple accounts. If you do that you could get them ALL banned.

It’s completely fine to have gigs in multiple categories


Gah! :grimacing:

When people on the forum give such incredibly bad advice, I can’t help but to think it also reveals that the person is probably already violating ToS themselves…


Wkwkwk maybe like that

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Hy, Never create multiple fiverr accounts for multiple service. Doing so can loss your all accounts. Fiverr never allow to create 2 or more accounts. You can create as many maximum gig as per your level and all gig can be in different category, no worry, You can…


Don’t open two accounts. If you opened two, you will be ban soon. However you can offer both services on your existing account. Because both services are in different category.

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I won’t create multiple account. I will delete the current one and open a new one.

I won’t create multiple account. I will delete the current one and open a new account.

Yes, you can close current and open a new one. But I suggest you to contact CS before creating a new one.

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Thanks for your advice. What’s the CS?

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CS stands for ‘Customer Support’.

Why? There’s no reason to start a new account that I can see. You have eight great reviews and only two gigs. Just make new gigs for the new services you wish to provide.


Hello Emon Arefin,
I am from Bangladesh and for exchange your job sector my best recommandation for you is take skill test your new sector.If you passed your sector skill tests it helps you to get success at your new sector, i have personal experience on it thats why i am saying that.