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I want to Change my paid promoted gig to other gig

Please help to let me now how to i change my paid promoted gig to my other gig . recently i will like to promoted my another git but i haven’t the option for change to another ,. please anyone help me

The only Gig(s) you can use in the Promoted Gigs feature are Gigs that qualify.

To find out the requirements, review the section on Promoted Gigs that appears in the Fiverr ToS.

I think you’ll find that the Gig you want to switch to Promoted Gigs does not meet the minimum requirements (reviews, order numbers, etc.).

Thanks for your response but my another gig have also meet the all requirement for paid promotion


Did you try to “Pause” the original one to see if that lets you promote the other one?

If not, I would contact Fiverr CS for assistance.

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