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I want to change my Payoneer account


i want to change my previous Payoneer account but i don’t know how to change it.
is that possible to change ?
please tell me if you know about it.

thanks and best regards


Hi sul

If you are interested for change to your payoneer account, You must be contact to payoneer support center. But remember payoneer is allow only one account for per person. If you already open multi-account, You can notify to Payoneer customer support for close to your all account without your main account. After close the all account, Payoneer will contact to fiverr for add to your real account.



Recently I removed my old payoneer account from fiverr. I contact with fiverr customer support, They suggested me contact with Payoneer customer care for this issue.
If you contact with them Firstly they asked the reason of removing account and also asked for screenshot of your vendor ID / User name (fiverr account). Tell them the valid reason of removing account. Once they accept the reason they will send a security code to your payoneer account.
Then send them a mail including security code, reason of removing account.
After review this they will remove your payoneer account with fiverr.
This process needs 2-3 weeks.
Important : If you once removed this account from fiverr you can not add that account again.


@orponchy just wondering, why would somebody remove Payoneer account?


may be he/ she is facing problems. some times payoneer block some accounts for violations their rules.


Thanks to all for comment.
Actually i want to change my payoneer account cause i added my brothers card but now i got my card .thats why i want to change it .


Hi Sultan?
did you changed the payoneer account successfully?


I want to change my previous Payoneer account and I will add a new Payoneer account but I don’t know how to change it.
is that possible to change?
please let me soon


Hi and now is it successfully removed