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I want to change my PC

I was creating an account on Fiber and now I want to change my PC


No problem bro.
You can change pc and login your fiverr account.
Lets enjoy fiverr.
Thanks for question.
Go ahead


That"s no problem. But can not change IP address to regaeding fiverr TOS

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Hello its doesn’t matter to change your PC.

Wrong information. (or add a reference)


I have changed my PC multiple times with no issues. Make sure you don’t have multiple accounts logging in from that same PC


Are you sure? This means I can not work with Fiverr if I’m abroad or on holiday?
I mean this is why I’m freelancing, because of to be able to work while I’m traveling for month around the globus.

Correct me if I’m wrong!

IP can definitely change. Even IPs are not static for some network providers in various countries of the word. They often change Dynamically.

What Fiverr don’t want is you logging in different accounts on same device. If you’re using a computer your Mac address is constant and there system can easily register that to tell what device you use… (if you visit the settings tab on your Fiverr profile. There is a segment where Fiverr keeps tab of devices you’re logged in with)

When you change your location either within a country or to another country. IP definitely will be altered.

you are good to go just change but do not use two accounts on the same pc as its against fiverr terms

Thanks for clarifying!

Quick question: Can I run both, the Fiverr App while logged in on PC? Or do I have to run wether the App or the PC and not both 2 simultaneously?

For 1 and the same account, of course.

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Right now. I’m logged in on 4 different devices (same account)… YES you can do that… And respond to updates and messages on whichever is handy at the time


yes, you can log in to both devices simultaneously

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@acegraphics_pro @shanzapervez Thanks for the information. :+1:

Is it confirm to us varies IP for a seller account. Still l know a seller should have a single IP. If it is possible I will be try more account to create. It is my apology for my comments.

No problem,You can change your pc and login your fiverr account in new pc .Wish you all the best :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: