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I want to change my profile gaming to graphic designing

Is that possible to change the whole profile of gaming to graphic designing or something else. if yes, then can anyone suggest how is that possible.
Thanks in advance.

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Your Fiverr account allows you to offer different services.

I want to sell only graphic designing services and i want to change everything on my profile. is there anyway i can do it?

You can edit your profile.

If you want to change your username you need to close your account.

Check this out: before proceeding.

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I want to change my expertise and all the options that i had choose for game development. If i change only description and skills that is enough to show that i am graphic designer?

If it’s not visible in the public profile, I’m not sure it matters. Also you can pause those two gigs, and try out the GD category with your other 5 gig slots to see if it’s worth converting over completely.

Yes you can do it and provide more services from 1 account.