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I want to change my user name


Hi, I am a Freelancer working as a Web Application Developer, Web Deigner, WordPress Guru here in FIVERR. I know that, it’s not possible to change user name but it’s very urgent to change my user name. If anyone directly involved here in Fiverr, is it’s possible to change the user name from database? If I lost all of contact, it’s OK for me! actually, I never want to create a new one.



I’m afraid if that is possible through The Forum or not.

Anyway, why are you promoting profile here using Hyperlinks?
I think there is a different My Fiverr Gigs category to do that.


Check this out:


I have moved this to My Fiverr Gigs as you have included a self promotion link.


Thanks, I’m not promoting my gigs . It’s just an address! I never include another website link!


Ok, no offense.


You changed very soon from “How to be the top rated seller” (your previous topic) to “how to change my username” :face_with_hand_over_mouth: