I Want to connect my payoneer account with fiverr


i want to connect my payoneer account to fiverr


Hey @fawadhussain !

Just go to “my sales” section where you will find “business tools” on your right side. Under this head, you can see “Fiverr Revenue Card”. that’s it. Fiverr Revenue Card is powered by Payoneer.


If you already have an existing Payoneer account all you need to do to add Fiverr to your account is to choose Payoneer as a payment method on Fiverr clicking on “Slready have a Payoneer account”. You can read more on this blog post: http://blog.payoneer.com/how-to-add-funds-to-your-payoneer-account-payoneer/

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Payoneer representatives have been very helpful to me when I talked to them.