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I want to create a new gig with different category

Basically, I’m a WordPress developer and now I’m going to learn more about Graphic Designing because I already know about Graphics design almost 40 to 50%.
And Now I am confusing about the two things. And I need help with Sceniors.

1: I am Level One Seller with WordPress 5 gigs. I want to create Graphic design gigs in current account. But I’m worried that my account name is WpCodexo.
2: Secondly, I want to create a separate fresh account with the name of Graphics something.

So, please give me your suggestions. I’m confused about rank the gigs and new account.

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If you close this account and make a new one, you will loose ALL progress. You’ll be starting from scratch.

If you want to make a new gig, then make a new gig.

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