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I want to delete my account.Please help

I wanna delete this account.And want to create a new one.

Can I give the same gigs on my new account?? Please Help…

Thanks In advance.

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You can but It is better if you can update some information as well.

You can only do this with approval from customer support or use completely different email and bank details.

Also you can not use your description and images again from old account.


Yes, you can. But my advice would be to contact CS

Why do you want to delete your current account?


Sorry to say. The statement may be not correct because I’m using my previous description and image same. Please be sure before advice.

Don’t worry you can reuse your gigs to your new account. But, it’s better if you make some modifications.

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Is the service graphic design?

If not then it is OK. But for graphic design services they issued the warning when people reused their images in new accounts, you have multiple topics about that, and CS’s official response is not to reuse old images you used on GIGs on old account. He even got warning for his image (profile).

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No, This is programming…

Then there you go. She is not in your category, she is in graphic design. And therefor if she reuses the same photo system will eventually match them to be already present on internet and give warning as fraud.

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May be. But as i know the fiverr only search for copyright issue. Nothing else.

Then look on forum for topics from another GD sellers reporting their issues with reusing images from old account.

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Oh, okay. I’ll have to check and learn it. Thank you.