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I want to delete my Fiverr account. I need some advice from an expert before that

Unfortunately, my 1st 3 orders canceled. so my account condition is very bad. I get 800+ impressions and 15+ clicks per week on my jig but only 90 impressions and 0 clicks this week due to order cancellation. In this case, it would be better to delete the current account and open a new account? Or my current account will be fixed again after a certain period of time.
Experienced please cooperate with the right advice.

No. No. No

Read the TOS. If you want to do this you need permission from CS. Otherwise you risk being banned for life.

If you have made a mess of your account so far (and who hasn’t at some point) you have to trade out of that. Hiding your problems is not a good sign.

My advice, don’t ask CS and simply work on why you are where you are and how to move forward in a genuine manner.



I do gig marketing daily to improve my gig rank. But I do not get any benefit. So I was disappointed and decided to delete the account. Now you say deleting the account would not be good for me. Then please give some suggestions for improving my account

Ok better. Ignore your account and particularly illusions like Gig Rank for now.

Keep your account and instead of thinking that doing pointless external things like gig marketing will build your business, work from the inside so that everything has a very clear purpose that buyers - the good ones, the only ones you want, see, and feel that. Otherwise, they see and feel the problems like “Service 24/7 hour’s” which actually signals the complete opposite of what you hope it does.

This is a sign as to why you had so many canceled orders.

What working from the inside means is first to put aside what you think will make money (gigs and accounts) and feel what you can do better than anyone else. This may express through a thing like making emails but the gift is never so simple.

I cannot throw a ball without breaking in half (I barely joke) but I can make and mix music better than most. That is a result of gifts that God gave me. The very same gift that lets me do things like this with you. I see the big picture and the details, and can deal with both at once. Therefore I can see how to solve problems sideways. Kinda rare in people.

What gifts did God give to you?