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I want to delete my last milestone and mark the order as complete

We had the last milestone open for delivery, but the client does not require this milestone to be worked upon, as the plans are changed on their side. So, I want to delete this milestone and mark the order as complete. Upon mutual discussion, we want to complete this order. There was a total of three milestones and two of them are already approved.

What is the process of deleting milestone? Client is not able to find any milestone delete button.

Also, I wanted to know that canceling milestone will affect my order completion rate and ranking or not.




Everything you need to know about milestones (including the answers to your questions) are mentioned in

Since you have already delivered two milestones, all your client has to do now to delete the third milestone is to stop the order.

Taken from the above-mentioned link:

  • Buyers can choose to stop a Milestone order after each Milestone delivery - it does not cancel the previous delivery, however, it stops the order from continuing to the next Milestone. Once the buyer stops the order, they will not be able to resume it. The seller will be paid for the completed Milestones after the order is marked as completed.

  • For example, if the buyer decides to stop the order after two out of three Milestones have been delivered, the order will be updated to “completed” and you will receive the payment for two out of the three Milestones.

:arrow_up: This also answers your next question:

Answer: No.


Hello, hanshuber16

Thanks for the help,

Can you please tell me where is the stop order button option located?


I am sorry, but I have never placed a milestone order; so I have no idea what the interface looks like. If your buyer needs help, they can contact CS.

Client have the option that after accepting a milestone, he wants to continue or stop the order.