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I want to deliver without uploading it in my portfolio. What to do?

I want to deliver a project without anything that could possibly go in my portfolio.
I keep only Projects from the Premium Package in my portfolio.
What should I do?


I think buyer has to click on something to unshow project in portfolio

Yes I know, but I don’t want to ask the buyer that. I’d prefer a solution which depends on me.

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I think it only happens during order process

I think if you temporarily turn off your live portfolio then deliver then after the buyer has reviewed or the time to review has passed you can turn the live portfolio back on and all the existing stuff should still be in it I think (someone said that’s what you could do on the forum previously, though I’ve not tried it).

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@stefanyoshovski You can upload only zip file. not image. I think it enough.


Do you mean Fiverr’s “Live Portfolio” on your Gig?

I would hope that is not your only Portfolio. I would also wonder why you would sell lower-level packages but not be proud to show them. After all if people only see the Ferrari, they will assume their $5 is going to get one and that will be on you.

As to the technical answer, I believe that Live Portfolio is an all-or-nothing situation. Maybe you can try turning it off whilst this Delivery happens and on again after, either everything from before will be lost or it will come back on and be everything available.

You can try asking the buyer to be sure to Untick the Allow in your Portfolio option but that is a strange message to be sent when you are saying “I am delivering this to you but am not proud of it”. Unless it is Porno or something that they understand that not everyone wants to see, it could backfire.

Maybe a Zip will do but I think Fiverr will still ask for a jpg. I still wonder at not being proud of your work though???


Yes that would work, or (if it’s okay with the rules) you could upload the delivery to dropbox and put a link to it in the delivery box.


Can I do the following?:

  • upload zip file to have proof for fiverr
  • also send a link of the file uploaded on Drive/DropBox

In this way I won’t be seen as a seller who delivers difficult to revise products.

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Two options, deliver only files that are not recognized as portfolio files (all in zip or rar) or deliver blank white JPG or in my case I have special photo I attach as addition to some orders and set them as portfolio sample.


@uk1000 Thanks for sharing your Great Idea.

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@stefanyoshovski You can do any one for deliver your project without showing in portfolio. One is enough.

Of course it’s not. :slight_smile:

In my opinion everybody is free to build his own strategy. I don’t have any issues with buyers who recognize the difference between my packages.

I am completely proud with all of my work. In this case I am thinking more just because it’s written in another language and potential clients wouldn’t understand a thing.
Also for me it’s a way to show my potential clients, what can be really done with the max of my service, so in most cases they automatically want the Premium Package.I really don’t find any issues at all.
As I said, everybody has its own strategy.

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@benedictrm This forum can be really great. You gave me an idea. So in the end I actually found a way to feature an extra offered in my gig.
Thank you all!

Thanks. Thinking may hurt, but it is the only way to do new things. I am glad i could assist in that process for you.


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attache as a zipped folder

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