I want to design free logos as i am new on fiverr


but how user can get free logo and give me good review because i need reviews must from buyers


I’m afraid it’s impossible. A $5+ transaction must be completed in order for a buyer to leave feedback.


so how i can give extra benefits to attract buyers


You cannot get reviews for doing free work. First of all, that would be gaming the system in order to get reviews - it is better that you actually get work so that people can review what they paid for.

Do you have samples of your work on your Gig? Of what you can do? Are you advertising your service on social media? a blog?

Also, giving away free things is counterproductive. It’s bad enough that things are $5 here! LOL You are in a category that is quite competitive. You will get an order, and when you do, over deliver! I don’t mean do hours of work for $5, but, deliver early and keep the communication with your buyer open. That is how you get good ratings and word of mouth referrals here.

I just noticed you don’t have a lot of samples of your work on your Gig. If you do this sort of stuff for a living, you should have more than a handful of examples of your work. I also would NOT advise that you state you will do UNLIMITED revisions. Read the forums a bit more here and of the nightmares newbies made stating they would work on a logo, article or whatever until the client was “happy”. I don’t know what $5 (really $3 and change after the fees are taken) is worth to you - but, with this unlimited revisions offer, you could literally be spending hours on a logo dealing with some client who is hard to please. Imagine if you got multiple orders and all were due in 24 hours and each one of these clients kept having you revise your work? I know the temptation to bend over backwards is there for new sellers, but, you don’t have to become a doormat!

Also, your 2 Gigs are essentially the SAME Gig, just a bit of change in wording. There is no need for this. It is not going to get you more exposure and may even hinder your placement in the listings.



Reply to @genuineguidance: i have change tittle thankyou soo much for your suggestion there are alot of things i have to learn now please keep in touch :slight_smile:


Fiverr has a pretty simple system. If you are not getting sales then simple do one of two things:

Increase your offers…in other words…I will design you a logo, business card, letterhead, website, car banner, house wrap, etc.


Specialize in something specific…I will design you real estate logo for low income families.

Either way has pluses and minuses but just keep in mind, you could easily blast through 10 gigs by offering the world and then be level 1 and start really refining your offers.


Reply to @forcedlogic: dear actually i join fiverr today so i am not hope less i am sure i will get orders very soon and your advices are really best thankyou soo much :slight_smile:


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