I want to do Data entry work... i have experience but i m new on fiverr


I want Data Entry work… I am experienced person but i am new on fiverr… can any one guide me how to get job here…


Use the :mag: glass in the above right hand corner to search for, “How to sell.” And you will find many threads on this topic.


Buddy, you are NOT new on Fiverr. You created your account in November of 2016, and you have been posting here on the forum for months (I’ve responded to you many times).

We are all freelancers, and we all want work. As I’ve said on the forum many times (which you have read, many times), what are you doing to earn your sales? Wanting something is not the same thing as actively working to achieve or gain it.

You’ve been reading the forum for months. Have you not learned anything in all that time reading the forum? Many people – including yourself – have already asked how to get orders. I and others have already answered those questions. What did we suggest in those answers (easily found all over the forum)?

We are not going to give you work. The materials, advice, and information you could use to learn how to earn your work is already out there. Are you willing to learn, or are you expecting someone to do everything for you?

Maybe you need to reread what you’ve already (presumably) read on the forum in the past few months that you’ve been here. :wink: