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I want to do work Free on fiverr

Hi …! I want to do Some work that is FREE OF COST for my Client just for My Account PROMOTION … So is it Possible ?? if any other way then please tell me

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This is not a valid way to do promote your profile, Create better gig, and write optimized description to get better result on search!


I am not sure that is possible

Don’t do it,Maybe it’s break fiverr tos,If you have skill be patient you will get work and then promoted by fiverr :slight_smile:

It’s not possible, because the only way for a client to leave a review is to buy from you first.

I suggest reading Fiverr’s Terms of Service, that way you’ll learn how Fiverr works.


Hello, @raza_malik and welcome to the Fiverr Forum community.

As others in this thread have said, giving your work away free of cost is not an effective way to promote your gigs.

Your gigs are in a highly competitive category. I just looked and found there are 11,393 other photoshop editing gigs. Furthermore, 9446 of them are new sellers who more than likely are selling their gigs at nearly no cost with unlimited revisions.

It would be best if you made your gigs stand out from all of the thousands of other photoshop gigs on Fiverr. So, take time to look at the 17 Top Rated Sellers and see why they became top rated. However, please DO NOT copy any of their wording or gig images. That is against Fiverr TOS.

This may help you.


Your message reminds me of the famous dialogue of Batman. He said, "
When you are good at doing something, never do if for free".
So, why to degrade yourself. Have confidence and you will win one day!


Rocky Balboa also said that too :star_struck:

I would suggest targeting something that takes 30min-2 hour to do (For someone that is really good). Something you see selling on Fiverr. There will be less competition for the work. People just don’t want to work that hard. Your competition will probably go from 10,000 to 500. The market for the job should pay $50-$200. Offer this for $5.00, unlimited revisions, and 24 hour turnaround. That should get the ball going. Do about 100 of them and get your account off the ground. This is exactly what I did to get started. I did 100 orders in 60 days. Now I’m at 6000 orders. Now my hourly is $50-$100 on Fiverr. You won’t get stuck there. It will launch your profile and your gig.


Is this the same Batman who had a thing about spending lots of his own money on hi-tech military armor and assault weapons so he could fight people wearing bad makeup in his free time after work?

Not really a good analogy if you ask me. :thinking:


wish I’m rich like Batman :star_struck:

How to setting hourly prices on Fiverr?

An example:

I am a proofreader. If I know it takes me one hour to proofread 1000 words and I want to make $20 and hour, then I would charge $20 to proofread 1000 words.


People do not want things that are free. Free means exactly what they do NOT want: some poor person so desperate that they try to do things for free because no one wants what they have enough to pay for it.

If no one will even pay you $5 you may need to change something around drastically.

Doing anything for only $5 should be enough degradation for anyone.


Send buyer to request. But don’t work free.


Hmm, Thank you for the answer.
Maybe I need to turn on the 3 prices option in my gigs. But it can be more hard for me to get the buyer because the price can be more expensive for them :thinking: