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I want to edit a gig, but


I just got an order for a gig on Friday evening, and only this morning I was able to complete it.

Anyways, when i created the gig, i thought 3 days would be enough, but they’re not, because we have a timer on site, and it doesn’t care about hour differences and such. I also realized that I should charge for shipping… because obvious reasons.

Can I edit the gig now before the buyer pays, or do i have to wait for the buyer to pay and for the funds to clear?

I do know where and how to edit said gig, I don’t know when to do it regarding to the order i just had on it.

I hope i remember to come back to see your advice. Thanks for helping.


Reply to @kjblynx:

thank you so much for the help and explanation!


If you edit gig delivery time before buyer place order this will work for increase or decrease order time but if you change it after taking order then it changed time will work for next order not for running order. Is that clear or if you have any question ask me.


Reply to @raselkhondokar: So basically, any changes I make to any gig will take place starting next order after the change, regardless of the changes I make?