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I want to edit my gig again and again

If I edit my gig again and again so any problem?


If you need to edit your gig, then go ahead and edit your gig. Fiverr would not have given sellers the ability to edit their gigs if they didn’t want sellers editing and updating their gigs.


You can but I would suggest this isn’t a very good idea.

Spend your time offline planning your gig, establishing your core offer, writing down a clear explanation of your skills, your experience, etc. And then when you are happy with what you have written, and only then, publish your gig.

After all, why would you want to publish a gig that you are not happy with? If you don’t like your own description, then it is unlikely to convince buyers.

Also, returning buyers mights feel uneasy if they see your gig description has changed.

It’s human nature to want to improve things - but try to get it right from the start. Here’s another of my favourite sayings: fail to prepare, then prepare to fail.


Editing your Gig is really important

Editing is a core part of your success. You should always make tweaks and fix problems or typos with your gig.
Editing is great for fixing past mistakes before publishing, but you should not abuse changing stuff everyday, but only when you feel your Gig isn’t doing good and needs optimization or when you are in a point when you are pretty happy with your Gig and want to raise Prices or add new services

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I don’t remember where I’ve read this one but I think that editing your gig over and over in a very short time might temporarily remove it from the search results (for it to be checked). May anyone confirm this?

As @english_voice said, planning ahead might be a better idea than editing many times in a row.


Thank you very much…

Thank you very much
I want to change my gig image

yes , you are right
I edited my gig some days ago and now I do not find in the search result page
My gig was on the first page

If your already in the good place don’t change the title,

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I edited my gig some days ago and now I do not find on the search result page.
My gig was on the first page.
What can I do?

after two three days It will come back,

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hello sir, help me.
A few days ago I opened an account on Fiber. Then I released 2 jigs. I edit the tags within 15 hours of the first gig release and again within 3 hours of the second gig release editing the Basic, Standard, Premium. Now my question is will my gig come up on the first page of search. What should I do now? Help me