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I want to edit my gig in time

If i will editing my gig so then will my gig to falling face harm?


Could you rephrase that? Not sure what you’re asking.


Editing a gig is good or bad?

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Good if you added a good thing to your gig which buyer need it.

If your gig needs an edit, make it.
If the gig doesn’t, don’t.

Edit as much as needed, but as little as possible.

Hi hanif reza! would you like to give a link to your gig so i can help you to edit your gig! cheers

thank you so much for good answering

If your gig needs editing, than do so!

Hello Dear,

I think, on editing a gig it fill fall down in ranking & will be with the new ones

Exactly, if you require editing you should do so

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ok most welcome to give me your valuable moment

You’re welcome :blush: What kind of services you’re selling on fiverr?

graphics related any kind of service are selling