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I want to edit my Gig! Would you please tell me?

Hello Everyone,
I create a Gig 4 days ago and I complete the “Online Freelancing Essentials: Be a Successful Fiverr Seller” course yesterday. I’m came to know some tips & tricks from the course and I want to apply this process on my Gig. Now, what should i do?
Thank you for your opinions!
Lemon H.


The video is pretty good. How many recordings did you do? If you do any more, I would recommend slowing down a bit. You have a strong accent, and slowing down will give buyers time to process what you are saying. Also, did you have a strong light directly behind the camera? You kept blinking, so I suspect that, or there was an air current. If it was a light, try positioning it to the side a bit, rather than head-on.
You say you sketch the logos first, but all your samples are built in a maker. Do you have any examples of your paper logo sketches?

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Thanks for your advice :slight_smile:
I did only 1 video for this marketplace and you want to know about my work process:
I don’t want to share my work cause someone could copy my work so that I just upload mean file. when If I get the portfolio mode on fiverr I would upload my work more details. BTW, you can see Number 4 brand identity process (Click & Scroll) hopefully you will got some idea. Gig:

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