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I want to get back my account

I am a new seller here. I have tried to submit my verification ID with my selfie for 3 more times. That’s why My account has been temporarily disabled. I didn’t know the rules that the account will be restricted , if I try to submit low quality photo 3 more times.

I sent a text to Fiverr help center yesterday but they didn’t answer me yet. So, what should I do to get back my account? please help me.

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Wait for customer support. It can take up to 10 days to receive a reply and that’s the only solution. Obviously you need to know better with sharing low quality images. It says the image needs to be high quality, and you are not pressured to send it right away. You can wait for a week or so until you take a better picture.



Thanks Alex, nice information.

Take a better picture in the meantime, and if customer support asks for it, share that and you should be fine.

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Yes. I will do that.