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I want to get back to my previous rank

Hello guys, I hope you are well. I’m new to the Fiverr platform, my gig was on the 1st page and suddenly it is no longer available. The gig has lost its rank. What can I do to go back to the previous ranks.
Here’s my gig’s link → write professional content
I haven’t received an order in a few days, What can I do to get some orders?


You do know that Fiverr is not Google, right?

There is no such thing as ranking here.

What Fiverr does is something called Gig Rotation.

That means they move around all Gigs so everyone can have a bit of time on Page 1 or 5 or 26 or 49.

The best way to be found is to use the correct keywords for your Gig service.

That way if a Buyer searches for your product, your Gig will appear with the others that use the same keywords.


It will come back, hope other gigs are on same place?


Keep online! Look at buyer request often!


In the gig description in the 2nd to last line there’s a spelling mistake. Maybe fixing that could help the gig. Also I’m not sure saying “So why are you late!” will help. It sounds a bit insulting too.

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My other gig has also lost rank

Thank you for your advice

Thank you for your advice Sir. :heart: :heart: :heart:

Okay, I’ll fix everything. Thank you very much.

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Add video to all your gigs, change description just a little bit like 2-3 words and 1-2 words in title. Also change 1-2 tags. After that get 2-3 orders through buyer requests and it will be fine.

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