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I want to get MORE & MORE Impressions [not in Hundreds , but in thousands]


whenever I use to check, there will be 232 or 275 impressions on my gigs, Yesterday, I saw I screenshot of someone, He has impressions in thousands. I want the same result.
[Note: I daily share my gigs on Facbook, twitter, likedin etc]


Keep it on…!


Then you’re going to have to earn those impressions by having an eye-catching gig that offers a service people cannot live without.


I already have that kind of services @jonbaas


Impressions are great and all, but what use are they going to be if they don’t help you get orders? It is more important to have a higher conversion of the impressions you’ve received into clicks, views, and eventually, orders.

Instead of blindly spamming social media with your gig links and dreaming of having thousands of impressions, I think you should focus on improving your gig descriptions and portfolio images.


@hanshuber16 I want more impressions, Because I knew that more impressions means more order [more revenue] therefore I am here, posted the thread.

Secondly, Thanks for the Suggestion {I will definitely Improve my gig description and portfolio images } This is what I am looking for!

Thumbs Up!


The Great advice I just got!


Impressions do NOT guarantee more orders. Impressions merely indicate that people are seeing your gig in search results and categories here on Fiverr. Thousands of reviews are completely pointless if you aren’t also getting people to click on your gig in the listings, thereby visiting your gig to learn more.