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I want to get order


I’m new for I want to sell my gig more than others due to I would like to do any online jobs properly. Please help me.


Perhaps you should reassess your reason for joining Fiverr. This is not a get-rich-quick website. This is a website where you offer your skills in the form of freelance project offers, and buyers looking for those skills hire you.

What kind of skills do you have, that other people might need?


same problem here
i havent get single order on my gig


Well, what are you doing to EARN your sales?


i dont understand sir can u explain


If you’re really from the USA, why do you list your English as basic?
And if you want to sell your writing, you need to make sure that your grammar and your punctuation is flawless as you’re competing with a large pool of professional writers on here.


First of all,
I check your profile just lower your gig pricing as well as change images that are clean and will show your services clearly.
Share your gigs on social media and most important thing always send response to buyers requests as these requests will turn into repeat buyers.



What is there to explain?

What are YOU doing to bring in new customers? What are YOU doing to market and promote your gigs? What are YOU doing to reach out to your target customers?

Are you doing any of these things? Or are you sitting back and expecting someone else – even Fiverr – to do them for you? Take action. Be a Doer.


ive read e book on how to promote gig still nothing



Share your gigs on social media don’t sit and wait for some to do your part just go out as jonbaas Said Be a Doer.
Optimize your gigs check on buyers request send them proposals so they will order you and be your repeat buyers.


Then it wasn’t a good e-book, now, was it? :wink: