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I want to get orders on my graphic design gig

I am new logo,flyer,banner,business card much more graphic work designer seller on fiver. I am try hard i did not get any order related to graphic logo design i need help for getting orders. I am good graphic designer and i hope i will never disappoint any one.


If you really want to make orders, you should change your profile picture to get something decent, also, your gig pictures aren’t in high quality, try to make a better presentation for your logos.

Find something more eye catchy.
If I wanted to buy a logo in fiverr, here is where I would go because it really attracts me.

Sorry if I include myself in this conversation :stuck_out_tongue:
I agree with everything @psykkopatte says. The photo you show us is very eye-catching, no doubt on that, but if you search for a logo design, you’ll see all of the gigs have almost the same thumbnail photo which is like that, with 3D Logo Mock-Ups. Yes, it’s eye-catching, but I’m not sure if it’s unique enough to make you stand out from the crowd. Just an opinion.

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Exact, but he is in the most competetive niche, but in fiverr everything matters of how attractive you are anyway.

It reminds me the story with the restaurants:

-1 restaurant has the best presentation ever with perfect banner but food is very bad
-the other one doesn’t look good at all but has the best food of the world.

So, customers will go in the restaurant looking good without knowing it sells bad food.
I like this one :smiley:

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