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I want to gig sales tips


Please let us know what is the key method or if there is a site that will be used to sell more. Please any one help me. Thanks


Persistence and hard work. If you don’t have these, you aren’t likely to find any success.

Fiverr is not a get-rich-quick website. If you want sales… EARN them.


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Browse the forum. Possibly the questions has been ask before and and has been answered.


You need to complete regular 10 buyer request.
Last 25 days I complete 14 order .
you can share your gig on social media like facebook, twitter, LinkedIn etc.
I hope you will get good result.


When i started working on fiverr
I gave 7 days on
how to create eye catching gig
how to promote gig
and the terms of fiverr.
And then i started reading effective post on forum.
So you will get better idea once you will do that


Karim, I think you’re off to a very good start. Your designs are eye-catching, which is the only thing that matters in your category. You’ve got your gig portfolio turned on, and the stuff you’re putting out looks great.

You’ll want to experiment with a $10 starting price now that you’re a level-1 seller. As a new seller, you got some extra exposure for your gigs. Now that you’ve been here a while, if all you sell are $5 gigs (not saying that it is), you will fall lower in the rankings. My experience tells me revenue-per-impression is a major factor in gig rankings, and so you need to do whatever you can to increase your average ticket without running off buyers.

Fantastic start. Best of success to you. :slight_smile:


Thanks for Advice friend


Thank you vere much my friend


Share you gig on social media and try to make sure your gig cover image as possible as attractive best wishes for you :point_right:


The key to make sales is Buyer Requests, must be every day to send 10 offers, I have made $300 in one month from Buyer Requests