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I want to give CPA Approval Gig on Fiverr FREE "How can I do that"?

I want to give this “CPA Instant Approval” Gig on Fiverr to everyone for FREE. Just to help them and I don’t want any money I just want to help.

So can someone please tell me “How will I be able to do that” on Fiverr

I want to give this Gig on Fiverr because on Fiverr (Only those people will get it-Who actually need it"

Everyone is earning from this Gig on Fiverr but I just want to give it for Free

This is the information I want to give everyone for Free on Fiverr

CPA Grip Instant Approval


We are a team level 2 seller on fiverr, Free gigs is against fiverr rules

So please don’t do it, because we try it in our first experience, fiverr banned our acompte without any message

We wish you a happy day

There is no way to do that here on Fiverr. Fiverr is a website for advertising gigs for pay.

aLso, your blogpost looks like a scam where you are just trying to get people to join and sign up for something. there is no real information about who you are or what people are signing up for.

This is also a spammy post.