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I Want to Give Some Feedback About the Text Box of Order Requirements

Talking about the text box you get when you placed an order and have to fill out the requirements.

a.) It’s very small. If you type out a few paragraphs, you can barely see anything.
b.) If you then scroll in it, it scrolls way too fast. This is connected with c.)
c.) Selecting text with the mouse will result in very annoying, fast scrolling; refer to b.)
d.) It should be expandable, like the reddit text box, for example. There’s a small arrow-like thingy at the bottom right edge that allows you to adjust the size of the text box you are typing in.

Point d.) technically also applies to this forum’s text box, but it’s much better handled here. I have no issues when typing in this text box. Wonderful.

The above described issues really give the customer a poor user experience when placing orders. In some cases, there are multiple boxes that let you type up to 2500 characters. Sometimes you need all that space to accurately describe what you need. And when you have to go back to change something, this can get rather tedious.

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