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I want to go some days offline


I’ll go to my village for some days because now came eid so In the situation i can use other internet connection for access my fiverr account or vacation mode is better for me???


You can use any internet connection as described by MissCrystal in your previous thread:


Use other Internet connection. Vacation mode may effect your sales.


Happy Eid-Ul-Fitr! I suggest you go vacation mode, so that you won’t need to do work during your celebration. (If you don’t set to vacation mode and you decide not to work on your orders, your reputation will be affected)

And your sales aren’t in too much danger, as proven by Ryan here:


Actuelly you are not right, vacation mode DOESNOT affect on your sales…


Just use vacation mode if you need, i use it always :slight_smile:


If you can handle completing your orders so why Vacation mode?
Most of the Buyers want Active Sellers and some need to do their work urgently, by seeing Vacation Mode they may reject you hiring.


Use another internet connection. May be you will get 2-3 order on this Eid. :slight_smile:


VACATION MODE is the solution.


Thank you all for this help