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I want to have buyers in que


Am a professional designer but am new to fiverr. How do i drive buyer or to have orders in que


Lolz Okay that will be great


You are very new to the site. Virtually everybody has to wait some time before they get a consistent stream of orders. Your product looks pretty good and your delivery time is definitely very appealing. It should start happening for you soon.




So thankful to you @sara1984. Your encouragement really mean a lot


a few other things…you need a better profile write up, and use better grammar there are a few mistakes. It does not sound professional with words like “cause”…the proper word is “because”.

I highly suggest you go look at the top sellers who do eBook covers. Really take time to notice their gig descriptions, their profiles and their photos and/or videos. That will give you some ideas.

Other than that, your work is good, but by polishing up your gig to make it more professional sound, that will help. And then it just takes time. There are plenty of eBook designers out there, but be patient, you do have good work.

Oh and by the way, do you really deliver all printable files and everything for only $5?


Please add GIG video and GIG extras. try to deliver within 24 HR. after that start to share your GIG in social media site. all the best…


Good Day! Keep your gigs look professional and genuine. If possible add video to your gigs, explain briefly, post your samples. When you get a buyer, do your best service, deliver in time, meet their expectations, have a professional communication with the buyer so that they leave out with a good rating that will help you to get more buyers, and the best way to get traffic is to promote your gigs in social sites like twitter, facebook etc. Just be patience, everything starts slow at first here, wish the best success with fiverr. Thank you!