I WANT TO HELP YOU WITH MY SPELLS AND PRAYERS all my buyers give me great rating!


I’m a Holy priest! I helped a lot of people around the world to make better life! I pray for and bless

all people everywhere i go for over than 8 years, AND I WILL HELP YOU TOO! I started use magic when i was 14. years old.



Nice gig !!!


Hi roginc! I visited your page and saw you are a Balcanian too! I’m Nina & I reside in Greece.So, I took a look on your services.As I understand you’re eager to get a couple of more orders, hence this forum post, right?

Let me suggest a couple of easy to do tips that will enhance your performance :slight_smile:

1.In order to get more clients rolling, I suggest you provide a new gig, that will offer something more “tangible” than a spell.That way they will have the opportunity to check on your abilities before they try you out.You can offer readings with cards or whatever works for you.That way they will be able to see that you are a trustworthy person and not a scam trying to rip them off.If spell casting is the only thing you can offer, then consider offering a refund to those who will not be satisfied.Mention it in all gig descriptions!

2.Take off the generic profile picture you have.Clients need to feel secure by knowing who they have to do with.Besides, the profile pic you have is also a gig gallery pic.This shows to potential buyers that you didn’t bother look more professional.

3.Try creating a video for at least your most successful gig (which is btw in the wrong category).It’s super easy and even if you down want to show up on camera, you can always make a voice over and take some pictures from the spell casting materials you use :slight_smile:

4.Speaking of spell casting materials I will refer to your most successful gig (which - I will say it again - is in the wrong category).You claim to practice a Voodoo spell…yet, you post a picture using Christianity material (a bottle of Holy Water, a Cross,and a candle picturing St.Kathrine-if I’m not mistaken).How do you mix Christianity with Voodoo? I know that you may not have time creating the appropriate shooting scenery but this is…at least funny. And I am not saying this to insult you, it’s just my input - take it or leave it!

4.Again I don’t mean to insult you…you’re from Slovenia, you’re not obliged to speak english fluently, yet you need to “polish” your descriptions (both your profile & your gigs’).As with every service offered on fiverr, proper communication is a must, so I believe you could spare a few dollars on a fellow seller to take a look and re-vamp your content.You can try a proofreading or editing provider.That way you’ll look even more of a pro to your prospects.

5.Talk about yourself a little bit more - your descriptions could be enhanced.For example what I only know for you is that you are a Priest (so you are a man) and that you’ve been blessing others since 14 years old.What about your years of experience? Show off your seniority & you’ll gain more respect.None is interested in mysterious sellers, they will just think you’re not a good one.

Anyway, this is just my two cents - I wish you all best

BTW what kind of magick do you practice? The combination of Voodoo and Christianity is something I’ve never heard of…


I stopped believing in magic when I was 8. I want to help people use logical thinking.

As David Hannum said, There’s a sucker born every minute.

Cognitive dissonance allows him to be separated from his money readily by those without conscience who are more than willing to take that money.